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Marimba solo

One study One summary - John Psathas

Dance of Earth and Fire - Peter Klatzow
Soleá - Florian Magnus Maier

Khan Variations - Alejandro Viñao

Velocities - Joseph Schwantner

Ultimatum - Nebojsa J. Zivkovic

Etude for a Quite Hall - Christopher Deane

Variations on Japanese children´s song - Keiko Abe

Michi - Keiko Abe

Four Movements for Marimba - Michael Burritt

Bach on Marimba

Fugue from Sonata No.1 in G minor BWV 1001 

Cello Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 
Cello Suite No. 3 in C major, BWV 1009

Invention No. 4 in D minor, BWV 779 

Invention No. 8 in F major, BWV 779

Marimba Duo

Departures - Emmanuel Séjourné
Ultimatum II - Nebojsa J. Zivkovic

Spanish Groove - Alejandro Viñao


Thirteen Drums - Maki Ishii

Rebonds - Iannis Xenakis

Side by Side - Michio Kitazume

To beat or not to beat - Leo Ouderits
She who sleep in a small blanket - Kevin Volans

Topf-Tanz - Eckhard Kopetzki

Snare Drum

Tribute - Jeff Queen

Tornado - Mitch Markovich
Kim - Áskell Másson
Prim - Áskell Másson

Own arrangements

Fuente y Caudal - Paco de Lucia (Marimba)

La Chanca - Tomatito (Marimba)

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